Research network

This section briefly presents some of the researchers involved in research on fiscal welfare in Europe.

  • Rui Branco
    Assistant Professor, Department of Political Studies, Nova University of Lisbon
    Research Fellow, IPRI-UNL
    Researh interests : comparative state formation, civil society and social policy. His more recent work has focused on civil society and democratization in new democracies, social policy and welfare civil society in Souther Europe and fiscal welfare and inequality in Portugal.
  • Luca Gandullia
    Associate Professor of Public Finance – University of Genova (Italy)
    Research interests : public finance, taxation, fiscal federalism, behavioural economics
  • Bent Greve  
    Professor in Social Science – Roskilde University
  • Gerard Hughes
    Affiliated to Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin
    Research interests : fiscal welfare and the cost and distribution of pension tax reliefs, reform of fiscal welfare for private pension systems, tax expenditure and the equity of the pension system, sources of pensioners’ incomes
    Relevant publications : Gerard Hughes, Tianhong Chen and John A. Turner, “Longevity Insurance Benefits for Social Security : International Experience”, Benefits Quaterly, Second Quarter 2016.
    Gerard Hughes, “Have Personal Retirement Savings Accounts Achieved their Objectives in Ireland?”, in Marek Szczepansk (editor), Old-age Crises and Pension Reform : Where do we stand? Poznan : Publishing House of Poznan University of Technology, 2013.
    Gerard Hughes, “Pension Tax Reliefs and Equity”, in J. Stewart (editor), For Richer, For Poorer : An Investigation of the Irish Pension System. Dublin : Published for TASC by New Island Press, 2005.
    Gerard Hughes, Adrian Sinfield,”Financing Pensions by Stealth : The Anglo-American Model and the Cost ond Distribution of Tax Benefits for Private Pensions”, In G. Hughes and J. Stewart (editors), Reforming Pensions in Europe : Evolution of Pension Financing and Sources of Retirement Income. Cheltenham : Edward Elgar, 2004.
    Gerard Hughes, “Private Pensions and Equity in Ireland and the UK”, Pensions : An international Journal, Vol.8 n°2, 2003.
    Gerard Hughes, “The Cost and Distribution of Tax Expenditures on Occupational Pensions in Ireland”, ESRI Conference : Pensions and Prospects. Dublin : Economic and Social Research Institute, 2001.
  • Adrian Sinfield
    Emeritus Professor of Social Policy and University Fellow, School of Social and Political Science University of Edinburgh
    Research interests : Social security, Taxation and social policy, Social division of welfare, Unemployment, Poverty, privilege and inequality